An Independent Future

Independent Liquor continues to grow its RTD, beer and spirit businesses.

Communication is regular and open, so there’s a clear vision of what’s needed to deliver for the business for the longer term, and therefore it’s easier to put a plan in place to achieve the objectives.

The company still works with and values the small liquor store owners who have been essential to Independent’s success. At the same time, there’s improved rigour, systems, structure and capacity to supply the big outlets and to continue to succeed in today’s business environment.

By combining the success factors of the past with new business practices, Independent has become a more dynamic, multi-beverage business that is investing in people, brands and technology.

Inclusion in global powerhouse Asahi Group Holdings is an added benefit, with its own more than 100 years of history in brewing and alcohol manufacture providing added benefit through Asahi’s brands and financial muscle. Its own philosophy of kando (joy and satisfaction), quality and integrity complement the Independent philosophy of innovation, determination, loyalty, trust and respect.

Maintaining the DNA of where the company has come from, supplemented with fast moving consumer goods disciplines and backed by Asahi’s global strength, creates a powerful and winning culture.