Independent Brewery

Independent Breweries has battled the big breweries for more than 25 years, to provide the industry with what it deserves – great tasting, great value beer. Our skilled brewers continue this tradition, using only the finest natural and imported ingredients to bring you New Zealand’s best value beer and cider.


  • NZ Pure

    NZ Pure

    5% Alc/vol. NZ Pure is a new class of premium lager made only from New Zealand malt, hops, water and a specially selected yeast with no additives or preservatives.
    Trophy Winner at the 2012 New Zealand Beer awards for best New Zealand style lager.
  • NZ Pure Summer

    NZ Pure Summer

    5% Alc/vol. Crisp and refreshing this new golden style lager is the perfect match for a New Zealand summer.


  • Haägen Lager

    Haägen Lager

    4% Alc/vol. This premium lager delivers you the finest Hallertau hopes, malted barley and water to create an unbeatable crisp and refreshing taste.
    Bronze Award at the 2012 New Zealand Beer awards for best New Zealand style lager.
  • Haägen Blonde

    Haägen Blonde

    4.7% Alc/vol. This full strength, full flavour lager delivers you the finest balance of hops barley and water with the benefit of low carb.
  • Haägen Extra

    Haägen Extra

    5.2% Alc/vol. Haägen Extra is a full strength European styled lager, traditionally brewed using all malt extract and the finest hops to produce a premium lager with an unbeatable crisp finish.
    Silver Award at the New Zealand Beer awards for best New Zealand style lager.
  • Wild Buck

    Wild Buck

    4% Alc/vol. Wild Buck has answered the call of the real New Zealand beer drinkers. A beer that’s not fancy or soft, just a good, no-nonsense New Zealand Ale. It’s made with our best local hops, malts and pure water, but don’t let that fool you, it’s still beer - just without the bull.


  • NZ Lager

    NZ Lager

    5% Alc/vol. A good value beer that trades well on its black can and traditional New Zealand image. Made only from locally sourced ingredients New Zealand Lager is a full strength, easy drinking lager, a full flavoured, and staunch favourite all over Auckland where it has a loyal following.
  • Ranfurly


    4% Alc/vol. Established in 1987, the brand is named after the small Otago township of Ranfurly. A great tasting and refreshing draught ale that is New Zealand’s number one selling value beer.


  • Cider House

    Cider House

    6% Alc/vol. At Cider House we don’t let anything get in the way of a good cider. We find the best apples, love them, crush them, ferment them, and bottle them. Just add ice, a tall glass, and a hot day. Available in Cider Apple, Cider with Pear and Cider with Berry flavours. Scrumptious.
  • Smith's Cider

    Smith's Cider

    4.7% Alc/vol. Made with crisp New Zealand apples, Smith’s refreshing delicious taste makes it one of New Zealand’s best value ciders.