Cider Brands



Somersby is sold and enjoyed in more than 43 countries worldwide. Somersby is available in two delicious tasting variants: Apple, and Blackberry – all with a refreshing crisp natural taste

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Wild Side Cider

Wild Side Cider is a delicious New Zealand cider made with natural ingredients from this part of the world. Its features a range of five delicious and refreshing flavours all made NZ Apples and is available in single 500ml bottles, great for sharing. Best served over ice.

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Honesty Box Cider

Ever since the days you could leave your keys in your horse while you nipped into the dairy, Kiwis have been an honest bunch. Honesty Box Cider is about carrying on that great tradition. They’re all made from the freshest fruit, the sort you might find in a local honesty box. Only we paid for ours.

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